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Aliyah Dunn

  • GS
  • GA
  • DOB: 19/10/1999
  • Height: 190cm

Long-limbed shooter Aliyah Dunn will be back for a fourth season with the Pulse in 2021. Blessed with an unflappable temperament, the willowy Dunn continues to evolve her game at the elite level, extra subtlety and movement adding to her already well-established accuracy and volume credentials. She finished 2019 and 2020 as the most accurate shooter in the league with 92 and 91 percent returns, respectively. A fine rebounder, Dunn has sure hands and exhibits strong positional play. A member of the 2017 World Youth Cup winning NZU21 team, Dunn made significant strides when going on to make her Silver Ferns debut in 2018 while also being part of the triumphant FAST5 Ferns World Series winning team. Dunn has been named in the 2020-21 Silver Ferns Development squad.

Stats by season

Rebounds 0
Total Penalties (contact + obstruction) 19
Goal attempts 372
Deflections 6
Feeds 23
Rebounds (Off) 17
Contact penalties 15
Matches played 14
Centre pass receives 0
Obstruction penalties 4
Minutes played 632
Turnovers 49
Goal percentage 91.40
Pickups 5
Intercepts 3
Goals 340